Weekly workouts and major soreness

It’s Monday, and I’m here to talk about workouts.

Have you ever kept track of your workouts?

Back in 2010, when I was training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I kept a written journal of my daily workouts and mileage to see how I advanced. It was really fun to look back months later at how my working out changed throughout the year once the focus wasn’t on running. That was the first and only time I logged my activity, until now.

Since I’ve been writing “Weekly Workout” posts on A Lady Goes West, I’ve had some big changes in my routine. In the beginning, most of my workouts included teaching group fitness classes, but now more than half of them are devoted to time on the weight-room floor alone. It’s been a game-changer for my overall strength and fitness.

Speaking of the weight-room, it was one month ago that I began my new workout program, which is being created by one of our most experienced trainers. I started the second phase (it’s a four-month, four-phase program) on Thursday, and it’s intense. Heavy weights. Hard moves. Short sets. Wow. I’m going to go through the second and third phase-two workouts this week and will share the details soon enough.

Well, on Friday morning, I woke up with just a tinge of soreness if my core, legs and lats, and didn’t think much of it. But by Friday mid-day, my body was super sore. I was absolutely dying when it came time to teach my Friday evening BODYPUMP and Saturday morning BODYATTACK classes, both of which were also plagued by sound-system and microphone issues = no fun for me and my voice.

Do you know how much you use your core for every single exercise move? I know more than ever now. During both classes, every single time I would brace my abs, I would cringe. It’s still a little painful, right down the center of my core. But you know what, I love the fact that I am so sore.

Now let’s get to the recap …

New Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday – Taught one-hour BODYATTACK class
  • Tuesday – WORKOUT A, including a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, one-hour of total-body weight training, foam rolling; did 30-minute CXWORX class at home
  • Wednesday – Dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, 45-minutes of kettlebell training including swings, Turkish get-ups and windmills, foam rolling and stretching
  • Thursday – Brand new WORKOUT A, including a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, one-hour of total-body weight training, foam rolling
  • Friday – Attended one hour vinyasa yoga class; Taught one-hour BODYPUMP class
  • Saturday – Taught one-hour BODYATTACK class
  • Sunday – Rest day!

What was good?

A rest day! I needed it. Yesterday was a full day off, and it was great. This week included variety in my fitness routine, as I did two hardcore cardio sessions with BODYATTACK classes, three heavy-weight resistance sessions at Equinox, did one lighter-weight strength endurance BODYPUMP class, did some core work at home and even threw in yoga. On top of that, according to my Jawbone UP24 Band, I also walked an average of seven miles a day. That’s a lot of movement.

What could have been better?

My end-of-session stretching was less than ideal again this week. While I devoted maybe five minutes total after each workout, I don’t think it was enough, especially after experiencing some serious soreness from one of my heavy-lifting days. Shame on me. If only I could do all the awesome table stretching on myself that I offer to my clients after each session. Ohhhhh the perks of having a personal trainer …

And now I’m heading off to work. Hope you have a great start to your week!

Questions of the day

How many days of rest do you take per week? Do you stretch after a workout? Or maybe, outside of the fitness topic, what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Hey Ashley!
    First time here and I’m way glad! I’m a new convert to weight lifting and am looking for good routines to do w heavy weights(I’m one of those girls who really does want to get buff and doesn’t care if it shows hah).
    I DO stretch after workouts, and I take however many days my body feels like resting. Sometimes that’s 3, sometimes it’s 1…all depends I guess:)

    1. Hi Kirtley,
      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you found A Lady Goes West. I totally agree that you have to listen to your body when it comes to rest. And yes, more women should be all about the heavy weights. It’s such an effective way to train and get your body in a position in which you can always be burning more calories. What are some of your favorite weight-training moves?

  2. I usually take one full rest day and one active recovery rest day. I sometimes stretch post workout, but definitely need to get better at it! I also have been lifting heavier weights with shorter reps…totally different than what I am used to!

    1. Hi Katie, I know, it’s different. Now I know why those big guys in the weight-room walk around panting … you need a lot of rest between heavy sessions, even when super-setting. What kind of heavy-weighted moves have you been doing lately?

  3. I usually take one active rest day per week (read: I’m doing a yoga challenge right now and so I do about 3-4 yoga poses at home on my rest day). I’m thinking this week may feature a couple extra unplanned and unwanted, but necessary, rest days. My low back inexplicably started hurting in CX yesterday morning and has been giving my trouble since. 🙁

    1. Hi Breanne, Oh no! Lower back issues are not fun … perhaps you may have let it lift a little during crunch portions of CXWORX? I hope it gets better soon. However, doing a few yoga moves at home each day is an awesome addition to a workout program. What kind of challenge??

      1. Just saw this response. It started hurting in track 4, so maybe just a weird wobble in balance. It was thankfully better the next day, but I took a number of days easier than usual just in case.

        I’m doing a few Instagram yoga challenges (if you search #yogachallenge or #instayoga… I want to say there’s even an account that tracks all of the different ones?? igyogachallenge maybe? My phone’s dead so I can’t check). The “hosts” put together a calendar of different poses each day and you post yourself doing those poses. It’s awesome for accountability and practice.

  4. Sounds like your new program is working Awesome!! 🙂 & Yes, I knew that your abs can be worked during any exercise – I always say, my best “ab” day is actually my leg day workout – abs of fire after focusing on your lower body! 🙂

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