How I snack on the go and a BIG summer essentials GIVEAWAY

If I’m going to be gone for more than an hour, you can bet that I’ve packed a snack in my purse. In fact, I’m known for having an “emergency granola bar” stashed into the little hidden pockets of my bag, even when going into places that don’t allow food. Shhh!! 

And when I snack, I don’t go for chips … (not only would those be hard to hide, but they just aren’t as good of a choice, you know) I always go for healthier bars or nuts. How about you?

Orchard Valley Harvest snacks on the go by A Lady Goes West

My snacking game improved a bit recently when I had the chance to try out a new grab-and-go snack option, and I’ve become quite the fan. (Short history lesson … I despised and refused to eat any type of nuts all the way until I was 25 years old, and now I can’t get enough of them. Funny how your taste-buds change, isn’t it? So if you’re cringing at the thought of something healthy, you may find yourself chowing down on it years from now.)


Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Orchard Valley Harvest. The company makes nuts, mixes, dried fruits, etc. that come in pre-packaged bags, and the nuts are extra tasty because they are picked at peak harvest. Oh and what else should you know about the brand? The products are free from artificial ingredients and artificial colors, and they are verified by the non-GMO project — a major plus.

Lately, you can find a bag of Orchard Valley Harvest snacks with me at all times. And because it’s summer, and we’ve been outdoors more than usual, I’ve been eating these beauties on picnics, at the park or walking around the City (wearing shades and sunscreen, of course). And yes, these snacks are Dave approved. In fact, I can’t keep him from eating them. I may have to resort to hiding the dark chocolate almonds though, because — MINE! They are the perfect healthier sweet for after dinner, and I can empty the whole bag into one hand as I walk to the couch to sit and enjoy them.

Orchard Valley giveaway A Lady Goes West

Oh and true story – outside of the taste and quality, I really, and I mean really, enjoy that Orchard Valley Harvest snacks come in pre-packaged bags and Multi Packs, which contain multiple pre-packaged bags with calories ranging from 150 to 300 total. Sometimes I need help with trail mix portion control. Like for real. It’s way better for me to see one serving sectioned out and reach the bottom of the bag, otherwise, I will keep going. (And going and going.) One big Multi Pack has eight one-ounce pouches, perfectly portioned, and they are so convenient. There are also the Grab & Go bags, which are a little bit bigger and can be bought separately as individuals — those are more filling, of course.

I tried, loved and finished the following flavors:

  • Cranberry Almond Cashew Trail Mix – lots of fiber and magnesium in those almonds.
  • Dark Chocolate Almonds – 64 percent cocoa used, which contains antioxidants.
  • Chocolate Raisin Nut Trail Mix – salty and sweet and everything nice.

Where to find these snacks? They are available in the produce section at Walmart, and you can find more locations to buy here – (basically all over the U.S.). If you want to see more from Orchard Valley Harvest, check out the website or follow the company on social.

Orchard Valley snacks and a giveaway A Lady Goes West

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A big “summer essentials” giveaway

And now, because I haven’t given you a chance to win in a while, why don’t we do a giveaway? This one is pretty big and valued at more than $450. In order to enter, click on the link in the graphic below, and fill out as many chances as you want. The more, the merrier.

Here’s what you could win for the perfect summer picnic:

There will be one winner randomly selected. This giveaway is open to anyone in the U.S., and will close on Friday, July 1. Enter now and tell your friends!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have an awesome day. Happy snacking to you, and I hope you get outside to enjoy the summer!



What’s your favorite thing to do outside during the summer?

What’s your biggest picnic essential?

*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Orchard Valley Harvest. The opinions and text are all mine. There are also affiliate links in the post. Thanks for your support!



  1. I always have a snack stashed someplace too! If I don’t – things can get bad fast. Haha! Those prepackaged snacks are a great way to keep from overeating.

  2. These look great! I love a leisurely bike ride during the summer, but I definitely need snacks or the bike ride gets a lot grumpier as the day goes on.

  3. I love running outside during the summer. Yes, I have to get up earlier to beat the heat but it’s so much better than the treadmill.

    1. It is, for sure. Plus, when you get it done early, you get to enjoy the rest of the day knowing you already exercised. Good work, Brittney!

  4. I love going for early-morning runs when the sun isn’t too hot and the city is still sleeping. (Bonus: I live in DC and love seeing the sunrise over the monuments.)

    1. Denver heat! Your hikes are also at a much higher altitude than most of us, so maybe you need extra snacks? haha Happy Friday, Jessica!

  5. With me living in Atlanta and my boyfriend living in Savannah we love to hike or go to the beach! But running downtown Savannah I think might just be our favorite with the puppy in tow of course!

  6. I love reading by the pool during the summer and almost always bring some mixed nuts or trail mix with me. I literally almost picked up a bag of Orchard Valley Harvest mix at the grocery store yesterday because it looked so good., but knew we had some at home. I think I might get some single serving packs because I definitely struggle with portion control when it come to delicious trail mix! Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Me too, Patricia. That’s why I prefer these individual bags for that kind of thing. hehe. I have no OFF button for snacks. And reading by the pool sounds fabulous!

  7. I love spending time at the pool, or when it’s cooler, spending time outdoors biking, hiking and walking. I love spending time in nature 🙂

  8. I used to hate nuts too!! The only way I’d eat any nut was peanut butter, but now I love raw nuts? since I live on a lake my favorite thing to do is spend time swimming, boating, and just relaxing by the water!

  9. Woohoo, I am 100% for taking snacks everywhere. I may be guilty of taking them into places where they might not be allowed. 🙂 This year I’m loving just going outside and gazing at the stars or basking in the sunshine. <3

  10. Going on the boat has to be my favorite thing to do during the Summer months! We live in MN, land of 10,000 lakes so this is how we spend a lot of our time : ) Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

    1. That’s awesome, Angie! I haven’t been on a bought in FAR too long actually. Being on the lake sounds fab. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  11. Great giveaway. I live in Santa Cruz so for us life is all about the beach !!!
    On Fridays we all take the day off , set our chairs out for the boardwalk concerts
    go for a hike, surf or swim and have lunch on the wharf , ,then gather and kick back for the night boardwalk concerts on the water with all our friends and community. Its a summer ritual for us. The weekends are for tourists here so we like to get our beach and concert time in on Fridays.
    I am hypoglycemic so snacks are my life, I will be sure to buy some of these. Have a great weekend.

  12. My favorite thing is hanging with friends either for a beach day or around a fire pit. Even better if we can score a firepit ON the beach, but man that’s so hard down here in SoCal!!

  13. Hah! My husband always shakes his head when he sees me packing snacks on my way out the door, even if I’m headed to the supermarket! You never know how long the trip may take..

  14. All about them snacks! Summer time is great for going out on the lake, trips to the park, and laying out by the pool! The heat index has been in the triple digits this week in KCMO, ick! So we don’t go out in that, only before 8 AM to walk the dog.

  15. Morning walks, grilling, hikes, fires at night…I just love being outdoors in the warm weather!

  16. Picnicking is definitely my favorite thing todo outside in the summer! Hot weather + sandwiches and cold beverages = heaven!

  17. What a fun and awesome giveaway! I love to spend time outside with my dog at the park or Lake. I like to read and go swimming with my dog!! He loves it, especially when it is so hot outside.

  18. I used to say swimming but we don’t have a pool anymore (I think there was a leak). Now I just stick with gardening. Love watching it grow and eating from it!

  19. I followed you on Facebook, but my finger slipped and I didn’t finishing typing my FB name. Can you fix it for me?
    Carolsue Anderson

  20. I love summer running! Most days I’m the only one out on the trails and it’s so peaceful!!!

  21. My favorite thing to do outside during the summer is taking long power walks in my hilly neighborhood! Thanks for an AWESOME giveaway!

  22. My favorite summer activity is coming up next month – camping in Yosemite NP! I love playing in the river, hammocking, hiking, and exploring meadows.

  23. I never miss an opportunity to read by the beach or pool on these warm summer days. Snacks are always a must, since being hangry isn’t ideal. And you can never be beachside without some fresh watermelon to snack on.

  24. At some point every week, you can find me outside playing soccer! (Of course, this is a pretty much year round thing for me 😉 ). I also love going for hikes in the mountains with my husband and our two dogs. We have a black lab and she loves to find a creek to stop and cool off in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Favorite summer activity is golf, and trail mix is a perfect snack to pack in my bag. Great source of protein to help me walk all 18 holes.

  26. My favorite summer activity is definitely swimming. I grew up with a pool and spent every day of the summer in a bathing suit. I absolutely love the water! I won’t get to be in it much this summer because I will have a newborn within the next couple weeks but next summer we will both be enjoying the water.

  27. I have an emergency snack stash in my purse/bag/car/etc. too! 😀 Those Orchard Valley Harvest snacks sound amazing, and holy crud, that giveaway! :O Thanks for having this! 😀

    I especially love frolicking outdoors (beaches and/or hiking! <3) in the summer!

  28. Oh my goodness, I hear you on the ability to eat an endless amount of trail mix. Our favorite kind of trail mix comes in a big tub, but because we eat so much of it in one sitting, we have a rule not to buy a new tub whenever the old one runs out!

  29. These look amazing, especially those chocolate almonds! I completely agree about needing some portion control help!

  30. Snacking on the go for me is pretty hard because of my food allergies – but I can bring pre-cooked sugar free hot dogs with me, or I can stop at really any grocery store and get some chicken or fish off their salad bar! 😉

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