The 10 most recent items I’ve ordered from Amazon Prime

We’re talking the 10 most recent items I’ve ordered from Amazon Prime.

Hi, friend! I hope you’re having a great day! We’re keeping it super simple, and today, I’m going to share what’s been in my Amazon Prime shopping cart lately and why I ordered each item too. Ready for it? Here we go …

The 10 most recent items I’ve ordered from Amazon Prime

The 10 most recent items I've ordered from Amazon Prime by A Lady Goes West

These are in order of order. 🙂 

1. Pack of junior red tennis balls

Red balls by A Lady Goes West

These red balls are for Brady. He still does his weekly tennis clinic, and now that the weather is warmer, we’ll get out for some family tennis on the weekends more often. Occasionally, I practice tennis with him in the driveway too. And over time, we’ve run out of our red balls we use to play with him. In case you don’t know (because I didn’t know this until I started tennis), there are different types of balls based on skill. When you start out, or when you’re a kid, you use larger and softer balls that bounce more slowly, and they have less compression. I actually love playing with these red balls.

2. Nutrafol hair supplements

Nutrafol by A Lady Goes West

I took a little break from my Nutrafol hair supplement subscription, because I felt like this “magic pill” for hair wasn’t working any longer. But then, when I stopped taking it, I felt like maybe my hair was not doing as well either. So I decided better safe than sorry, and I signed back up for my subscribe & save on Amazon. Nutrafol is supposed to support healthy, full and strong hair, as well as hair growth. And I’ve taken it on and off for about three years. It has a lot of beneficial nutrients in it that help your hair, so I figure it can’t hurt. But I’m not sure it’s a game-changer for me these days. 

3. MaryRuth’s liquid multivitamin

MaryRuths by A Lady Goes West

I’m still loving my MaryRuth’s liquid multivitamin, and I take it every single day after I eat breakfast. I signed up for subscribe & save for this item for a little discount, and I get it delivered every 30 days. It tastes good, and I’ve minimized all the other things I take now that I have this one multivitamin (even though I did add Nutrafol back in). I have to say, I definitely prefer liquid vitamins to pills these days. And I’ve been talking to a lot of ladies who are loving this particular type of MaryRuth’s too. I wrote more about my love for this vitamin in this post.

4. adidas tennis shoes

adidas tennis shoes by A Lady Goes West

I’m on my third pair of this style of adidas Ubersonic tennis shoes, and I love them. While the adidas site was out of the colors I wanted, Amazon happened to have them. I haven’t ordered a lot of clothing or shoes from Amazon, but it seems like there’s a lot to choose from. I’ve got to admit, as much as I love tennis clothing, I do not like tennis shoes. They are clunky and firm (which is why they provide great court support, I suppose), but this style is the least clunky I’ve tried on. I wish I could wear other sneakers for tennis, but truly, you need tennis shoes to be safe.

5. Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon fire stick by A Lady Goes West

A few months ago, we got rid of our local/cable/internet provider and switched to YouTube TV and AT&T. It felt great to ditch that pricey service, because we’re paying a little less now per month. We decided to help my mom do the same thing, so I ordered her an Amazon Fire Stick, and we set her up with YouTube TV at her house too. It’s a great change for all of us. Our previous local cable provider continued to raise our prices, even though our service stayed the same. It was definitely time to “cut the cord” as they say. And we’re pleased with YouTube TV.

6. Miele vacuum cleaner bags

AirClean by A Lady Goes West

Back when I was pregnant with Brady and we lived in Walnut Creek, I got invited to an event at an appliance retailer, and they gave me a very nice Miele vacuum as a thank you for attending. Don’t you know, we still use and love that Miele vacuum? Every once in a while, we have to swap out the bags, and Dave was vacuuming our patio the other day and noticed the vacuum bag was full. Thus, he placed this order on his phone, and the Miele vacuum cleaner bags arrived the next day. Isn’t technology amazing? Literally, what did we do before Amazon?

7. Colorful ball-point pens

Colorful pens by A Lady Goes West

I don’t know about you, but I like to have nice pens. Not fancy pens, but nice pens. While I used to use old hotel pens, I realized that I write enough (in my planner, notes for group fitness, shopping lists, etc.) that I should have some better handwriting tools. I bought the same glittery pens for a few years in a row, but I couldn’t find them when I went to search this last time, so I ended up with a different set. I’ve been loving my new colorful ball-point pens. The ink is black. The pens are retractable. And they are soft to hold. Big fan.

8. “It’s a Numbers Game! Soccer” book

Soccer book by A Lady Goes West

Brady is Mr. Sports right now, and he’s into playing all the sports and reading about them too. I bought him this book for his Easter basket this year, and we’ve literally read nothing else since. “It’s a Numbers Game! Soccer” is very long and detailed, so we only do a few pages a night. It’s really well done and is all about the sport of soccer, the rules, the records, the teams, and there are even questions for the reader to do some mental calculations too. I feel like I know so much more about soccer from reading this book, which is cool, because I watch Brady’s soccer games and we go to Charlotte FC games. We’re officially a soccer family, which you already know from reading this post.

9. Opalescence whitening gel for teeth

Opalescence gel by A Lady Goes West

I used to buy whitening gel from my dentist, and then I found out I could get the same product — this Opalescence 15% whitening gel — for much cheaper on Amazon. Every few months, I use one syringe of this whitening gel at night in a little retainer, and it keeps my teeth nice and white. If I use too much, my teeth get sensitive though. I used up a syringe right before our family trip to New York City to freshen up my smile. It’s good stuff.

10. Amazon Basics copy paper

Amazon Basics paper by A Lady Goes West

Brady’s teacher put Amazon Basics copy paper on her wish list a few weeks ago, and we were out of printer paper too. I ordered several reams and then sent Brady to school with two of them to deliver to his class. There’s nothing special about this copy paper at all. And this is probably the most boring thing I’ve ordered in a while, but that’s life, right? 

And those are the 10 most recent things I’ve ordered from Amazon. I really can’t imagine what we did before the convenience of Amazon. Sometimes I think it’s almost a little too easy to place an order and have what you need at your fingertips. But I do love the nearly instant gratification. Anyone else?

That’ll do it for today. I hope you liked this list. Have a great day, friend. See you back here soon!

(By the way, there are affiliate links in this post. The price of the item is not altered if you use these links, but it does support me. Thanks!)

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  1. I would love a post on your teeth whitening. You have excellent teeth! I have been using the crest strips, so i am curious about this

    With Brady being a sports fan right now, are you showing any sports movies or TV shows for him? Interested in finding a few that are kid friendly(Ladybugs is a favourite of mine but Im not sure the plot hold up to modern times)

    I just ordered wedding shoes!
    I use the under chin nighttime straps
    I get my Native Deodorant
    My cotton packs for my makeup removing water.

    1. Hi Sabrina! Okay so much to say about your amazingly thorough comment. So for teeth: I used Crest white strips for a long time and they work great — but I think they made my teeth too sensitive. So I switched to the overnight bleach 15 percent, and it’s only a few days of treatment — they basically work the same. I also try to always sip water after any sip of something dark, to clean off my teeth. That’s about all I have on that heeheh. We are VERY much in need of some sports movies — Brady hasn’t seen any. He likes to watch “Blippi Sports” on YouTube Kids, which is where Blippi learns various sports. But otherwise, we haven’t found anything great, and I will share if we do. I think he may be ready for “The Mighty Ducks” original movie soon — I loved that one heheh. LOVE your Amazon orders. Tell me more about these chin straps??

    1. Hi Sarah! I agree — our Amazon Prime carts are very revealing about what’s going on in our lives, right? Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo

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