The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2024 (and some of them are free)

The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2024 coming your way! And I asked some real-life mothers what they want for this one too.

Mother’s Day is coming up in the U.S. in just two weeks on Sunday, May 12th.

And boy, do moms need more than one day to be celebrated, recognized and affirmed for all that they do. Today, I’m sharing some gifts from all sorts of price points to show a mom in your life a little love (and by the way, there are also some free gift ideas at the end).

Let’s get to the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2024 …

The best Mother’s Day gifts for 2024 (and some of them are free)

The best Mother's Day gifts for 2024 (and some of them are free) by A Lady Goes West

We’ll start with some materials things. Here we go …

Kendra Scott colorful heart layered necklaces

Moms love jewelry. While fine jewelry (I’m talking about 14K, 18K solid gold and/or diamonds) is always welcome, pretty and dainty gold-plated pieces make amazing gifts too, and they’re way more affordable. I have a lot of Kendra Scott jewelry, and it’s all just so lovely. This set of colorful heart necklaces that can be worn together for a layered look is so gift-able for a sweet mom. Shop the Kendra Scott colorful heart layered necklaces here.

Heart necklace by A Lady Goes West

Hot Mess Ice Roller

I’ve talked about my love for my Hot Mess Ice Roller in a blog post before, and I’m here to say it again. This is something that any mom would love, and she may not even know she would love it. It’s such a treat. You keep it in the freezer, then you pull it out and rub it all over your face and neck whenever you need a pick-me-up. I’ve been using mine so much. It’s absolutely such a good addition to my life. Do a mom you love a favor and get her one of these. Shop the Hot Mess Ice Roller here.

Title Ice roller by A Lady Goes West Ice roller by A Lady Goes West

State metallic tote bag

An upgraded mom bag! I’ve been using and loving my gold State tote bag as a gym/everyday bag for maybe six months, and I’m truly loving it. It’s just a tote bag, but the gold metallic coated exterior makes it seem so much more special. Typically, moms carry a lot of things. And this is a fashionable way to carry stuff around — in mine, you’ll often find a yogurt pouch or a granola bar that I have on hand for Brady. This bag comes in multiple colors and sizes. I have the regular size, and I feel like it fits exactly what I need most days. Shop the State metallic tote bag here.

Gold tote by A Lady Goes West

Gorjana alphabet bracelet

While it’s too close to Mother’s Day to get anything truly personalized, a first-initial bracelet still has that feel of personalization without true customization. These bracelets have a thicker chain, which is very fashionable right now. I think it could be cute to get a mom you love one of these for the first initial of each of her kids to make it stack. This brand, Gorjana, is women-owned, and I was once lucky enough to meet the woman behind it in Walnut Creek at a store opening. She designs beautiful jewelry that’s very much affordable. Shop the Gorjana alphabet bracelet here.

Initial bracelet by A Lady Goes West

Reebok Nano X4 women’s training sneakers

How many pairs of Reebok Nano sneakers have I gone through in my group fitness teaching career? So many! And I don’t go through them because they aren’t quality, I go through them because active people need to change out shoes quite frequently to avoid overuse injuries. These are still my favorite flat cross trainers, and they’re perfect for lifting weights and most group fitness classes (because regular running shoes are not ideal for most classes, nor for lifting weights, where a flatter sole with side support is superior). The latest edition of these Nano sneakers is the X4 (which I actually don’t have my hands on yet), and the colors are even prettier than before. The light blue with a little shimmer would make an amazing gift. Usually, these shoes run a tid bit large, which I like. These would make a fitness-minded momma so happy. Shop the Reebok Nano X4 women’s training sneakers here.

Reebok Nano X4 by A Lady Goes West

Casetify painted phone case and charm

I’m due for a new iPhone, and as soon as I get one, I’m going to order a new Casetify case. My last several phone cases have been from this brand, and they are so well done, and they’d make a great (and practical) gift for a mom whose phone needs a facelift. I like to get bumper cases to protect my phone (which is always a good idea for a mom who has little hands around touching her phone), and the bumper case really works well. Also, I’ve seen these phone charms all over and am totally interested in getting one for me. Shop the Casetify painted phone case here and charm here. There are tons to choose from.

Casetify case by A Lady Goes West

MZ Wallace metallic crossbody sling

It’s me over here talking about MZ Wallace again. I have so many bags from this awesome brand, and they are affordable, high-quality, and they have so much variety. Dave has gifted me a bag from here before, and it’s always a welcome gift — (but beware, I’ve been told that this brand holds tight to its 21-day return/exchange window, so make your decisions quickly upon arrival). I have a backpack, a big tote bag, a flat crossbody and a medium crossbody, and I’m always adding to my collection. While moms often have big bags/purses for everyday, it’s fun to have some cuter bags, and this pearly white metallic crossbody sling with chain details is so perfect for spring and summer (it comes in several colors too). Shop the MZ Wallace metallic crossbody sling here.

MZ sling bag by A Lady Goes West

Cute satin pajama shorts set

I think these beautiful satin pajamas would be such a great gift. Let me tell you: I used to wear old t-shirts and shorts to sleep in until a few years ago, when I bought some pajama sets. Now, I almost always only wear pajama sets. And I’m not buying anything fancy, but it feels good to have cuter/comfier/appropriate sleepwear. While I don’t have anything as nice as this satin set, I absolutely love the look of the more-cropped button-up top and shorts. This would make such a nice gift for a mom who needs to upgrade her sleepwear. Shop the Free People cute satin pajama shorts set here. (And here’s another very cute pajama set with long pants and a long-sleeve top for a more covered-up look.)

Shorts pajamas by A Lady Goes West

More Mother’s Day gift ideas from real-life moms

I polled my Instagram audience to find out what moms really want for Mother’s Day this year, and there were definitely some common themes, including some of the material things I mentioned above …

  • “To sleep in, and to get a facial or massage.”
  • “Comfy pajamas, chocolate and sleep.”
  • “To have all of my kids under the same roof and to get a genuine hand-written card from each of them.”
  • “To spend a day alone at a spa.”
  • “To get away for a night at a hotel.” — this answer came up many times in many forms
  • “Jewelry, flowers and a break from my kids.”
  • “A silent overnight stay at a hotel with a spa.”
  • “Time to myself.”
  • “Time away from my kids.” — this was also a common request
  • “To have someone come and detail my car at my house.”
  • “To get a nice facial and a nice massage.” — this was another very popular answer 
  • “Some diamond hoop earrings.” — jewelry is always welcome

The moms have spoken. 🙂

And that’ll do it for today! Thanks for stopping by to read about the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2024. Sending lots of love to all the mommas, future-mommas and friends of mommas out there.

Have a wonderful day! 

(By the way, this gift guide is not sponsored, but I’m using affiliate links. And if you shop through my links, I get a little credit, so thanks for that.)

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