Reader favorites: The 12 most popular items I shared that you bought in 2023

This reader favorites was a fun one to put together! The 12 most popular items I shared that you bought in 2023 coming at you today.

How are you, friend? How’s your week? I’m doing well! We have multiple holiday parties this week and my birthday and Christmas this weekend, so it’s a very fun and busy time over here, with working and the other stuff mixed in.

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand: Reader favorites! I love to share items that I’m using and enjoying in my own life, and it makes me so happy when you try some of those items too. Today, we’re going to look at the 12 most popular items from 2023. I can’t track everything, but if you shop through my affiliate links directly from the blog or Instagram (which I so appreciate when you do), I can see if you bought something I shared, so that’s where this data is pulled from.

Let’s get to the reader favorites …

*There are affiliate links in this reader favorites post. If you click through my link and make a purchase, it supports me. Thank you!

Reader favorites: The 12 most popular items I shared that you bought in 2023

Here are the top 12 reader favorites from 2023, and these are listed in order of popularity …

Reader favorites The 12 most popular items I shared that you bought in 2023 by A Lady Goes West

1. Lulu’s Darling Daises Floral Dress 

This is by far the most popular item I shared all year, which is crazy to me, because I only linked it a couple times on the blog and on Instagram. I bought this dress in a big haul from Lulu’s, and I wore it to a Mother’s Day brunch here, around town on my Charleston girls trip and even on Fourth of July. This dress comes in three colors and it can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it with heels and with sneakers. It’s still in stock, and it’s just so cute (and flattering). I’m in a small. Check out the Lulu’s Darling Daisies Floral Dress here.

New Mother's Day sundress by A Lady Goes West

2. Everlane Drapey Square Top

This top is from my favorite brand of tops, Everlane. And I’ve written about my love for Everlane for years now. Everlane does things right, and this particular button-up shirt is super cool. It’s loose, a little boxey, comes in multiple colors and can be dressed up or down. I actually need to put it into rotation more in my own life. Check out the Everlane Drapey Square Top here.

Boxy Drape Square Top by A Lady Goes West

3. Everlane Supima Micro-rib Scoop-neck Tee

It’s no surprise that an Everlane top took three places on this top 12 list. When I’m not in workout clothes, I’m often in Everlane tops. They are so versatile, and I love the look of wearing a fitted solid color tee with jeans, so that’s what I often do. This particular tee is a tid bit elevated because of the scooped neckline. It comes in a ton of colors, and I mostly wear the white. I wear a small in this top. And I hope those of you who ordered it have been loving it as much as I do. Check out the Everlane Supima Micro-rib Scoop-neck Tee here.

Everlane scoop neck on Ashley by A Lady Goes West

4. Lulu’s Fresh Picked Mustard Maxi Dress

Another Lulu’s item! So I’ve actually only worn this dress once, and I really need to rewear it as soon as it’s not so cold. I love a floral maxi dress, and this one has an open back, which is fun. I wore this dress on our Columbus trip over the summer and really should have worn it more than that. Amazingly, this dress is also still in stock and is currently on sale. I’m in a small in it. Check out the Lulu’s Fresh Picked Mustard Maxi Dress here.

Downtown Dublin June 2023 by A Lady Goes West

5. adidas Z.N.E Tee

I worked with adidas this year and shared my thoughts on some items I ordered with you in exchange for a gift card, so I wore a lot of adidas this year. I didn’t actually get to track much of the adidas clothing I posted about on the blog, but I did get to track it if I posted it to Instagram. And of all my adidas, this particular top was the most purchased. I bought this top in red with a matching hoodie and matching shorts, and it’s so good. I wore it a bunch this summer. The top runs a little small, and I’m in a medium in it. Check out the adidas Z.N.E. Tee here.

Ashley and Brady on his 6th birthday by A Lady Goes West

6. Melloday Sequin Long-sleeve Cocktail Dress

I love that this dress made the list. I featured this dress on my list of 10 holiday dress ideas, and I also ordered the dress for myself at the same time. I’m planning to wear this dress for my birthday this upcoming weekend, and I love the way it fits. It’s gold, covered in sequins, has a fun neckline and is also not too short. I ordered a small. Check out the Melloday Sequin Long-sleeve Cocktail Dress here.

Gold sequins holiday dress by A Lady Goes West

7. Everlane Supima Micro-rib Long-sleeve Henley 

Our third and final item from Everlane on the list of reader favorites is my personal favorite Everlane shirt, the Supima Micro-rib Long-sleeve Henley shirt. I have it only in one color, and I’ve probably worn it maybe a dozen times in a few months, which is a lot for someone who only gets out of workout clothes once or twice on the weekends. It’s fitted. And it’s flattering. And it’s soft. It looks polished. Everlane makes a great shirt. I wear a small in this brand. Check out the Everlane Supima Micro-rib Long-sleeve Henley here.

Ashley reading Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant book review by A Lady Goes West

8. DSW Dolce Vita Ilize Sandal

I bought these shoes over the summer, and I posted about them on my list of things I bought to wear on vacation. I ended up wearing these slide sandals a ton, and they deserve a spot on the reader favorites for sure. They are comfy, they are casual, they look pretty good on my feet, and I felt like they worked with everything. They also come in other colors. Check out the DSW Dolce Vita Ilize Sandal here.

Orlando girlfriends 2023 by A Lady Goes West

9. Amazon Dorco Tinkle razors

This is the only non-fashion item on the list, and this little item is an essential in my beauty arsenal. While yes, you can spend a ton to get your skin “derma-planed” you can also do your own home version with these incredibly inexpensive razors and get rid of some peach fuzz. I’ve been using these Tinkle razors since I heard about them during COVID. I order them all the time. Check out the Dorco Tinkle razors here.

Twinkle razors by A Lady Goes West - August 2020

10. Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket

I’ve had this sherpa puffer for three years, and I wanted it for about two years before I finally ordered it. I got it on sale, and it was an investment. But honestly, I’ve worn it nearly every weekend that it’s been cold for three years in Charlotte — and that’s quite often. It’s the comfiest and warmest jacket I have, yet also the cutest. And it’s still in stock and looking good, and I’m glad it’s one of my reader favorites. Check out the Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket here.

Light the Knight 2023 by A Lady Goes West

11. VEJA Recife Chrome Gold shoes

Dave bought these for me for our anniversary, and I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. They are my fancy sneakers. They run a tiny bit small, so I had to size up (which I hate doing, because I already have big feet), but I like them a little loose, rather than snug. I put these sneakers on my best gifts for ladies for 2023, and I meant it. These make a great gift for you or someone else. Check out the VEJA Recife Chrome Gold shoes here.

Airport June 2023 by A Lady Goes West

12. Reebok Nano training sneakers

I would have thought that this item would be top on the reader favorites based on how much I talk about these shoes! I’ve had multiple pairs of these shoes (in both X1 and X2, soon to be X3 versions), and I have another pair in a box just waiting for me to switch to, once I’ve worn my current ones out. By the way, these run a tiny bit big, so you can order half a size down. These are the best training sneakers ever, hands down. They’re flat. They have lateral support. They’re affordable. And they move well. Just do it. I’ll keep recommending these, because I’ll keep believing in them. Check out the Reebok Nano X2 training sneakers here.

Reebok Nano X2 best workout sneakers by A Lady Goes West

And those are the reader favorites from 2023! It means so much to me that you trust my opinion and try out things I’ve been loving.

Thanks so much for coming by the blog, friend. I hope you have an amazing holiday. I’ll see you over on Instagram until we’re back here again.

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Question of the day for you

Did you order anything from this list this year? If you did, thank you so much for taking my recommendation, and I hope you loved it!


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