Les Mills BODYPUMP 92 class review

Hey guys! How are you? Today, I’m talking all about one of my favorite things in the world — Les Mills group fitness. As you know, I’ve been teaching Les Mills group fitness classes for almost six years, and I’m a huge believer in the power of working out in the group setting. In case you’re not really into this topic, you can at least click on the links below to listen to some great music. Otherwise, please join me back here tomorrow for some talk about food. But for those of you who are along for the ride, let’s start with a little background information.

Les Mills group fitness and the tribe

Les Mills is the international brand that creates so many programs that I enjoy teaching as well as taking, including BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, GRIT, CXWORX and more. But Les Mills is more than a brand. It’s a whole community of instructors and members all over the world. And we call ourselves the tribe.

If you’ve never tried a Les Mills class, I highly recommend that you do one day. Take a look on the class locator to see if there are any gyms near you offering any of the more than 10 programs. And now, let’s get to BODYPUMP.

Les Mills BODYPUMP 92 class review via A Lady Goes WestHere’s a shot of me taking a post-class selfie, wearing an old-school BODYPUMP top that was given to me by the one-and-only BODYPUMP queen, Susan Renata. 

What is Les Mills BODYPUMP?

BODYPUMP is my original group fitness love. It’s the class that got me started as an instructor nearly six years ago in Orlando, Florida. For a full overview of what the class really entails, head on over to a previous post I wrote: “BODYPUMP overview and tips for first-timers.” But really, all you need to know to get through this post is that BODYPUMP is a one-hour resistance training class done in the group fitness room with a barbell, bench-top and various sizes of weight plates. Participants follow along with an instructor in front of the room (like me), who leads the class through 10 songs, set to popular music. By the time the class ends, you’ve hit all the major muscle groups and completed around 800 reps. Not too shabby!

What is a class release?

Every three months, Les Mills releases brand new music and moves to instructors in more than 80 countries around the world. The 24 Hour Fitness gyms in San Francisco where I teach “launched” or “debuted” the latest Les Mills releases during the first week of January. I’ve been teaching the latest releases for a few weeks, so now I’m ready to share my feedback with you.

Overall feedback on BODYPUMP 92

  • The music is great. From pop to rock to dance, there’s a little bit of everything in this release, featuring a lot of current songs and some I’d never heard of before.
  • We use the barbell for most of the class, which is completely different from the previous release, which had a lot of single-plate work.
  • There are many repeated patterns in each track, as well as throughout the whole class. A new combination of tempos is used in squats, chest as well as shoulders. I definitely like the repetition, because it makes it easier to learn the release and easier for members to grasp the counts quickly.
  • This release is hard. Some of the tracks are super challenging, especially back, triceps and shoulders.
  • It’s a full-body workout. You definitely feel the burn and get a little cardio kicker with some of the faster tracks like squats, back and lunges.
  • While this isn’t my favorite release to date, it’s one of the better ones. Very strong.

BODYPUMP 92 class review

  1. Warm-up: “All We Need is Love” by Ricki-Lee. I think this is a welcoming and friendly warm-up. The song is upbeat and it really sets the tone for a great class. This warm-up features a lot of repetition, so it was easy to learn and is easy to teach. As we have in the last few releases, we do slow clean-and-presses and slow deadrow patterns, which is a good chance to teach participants the proper form of some important moves early in the class. I like it.
  2. Squats: “GO!” by Autoerotique vs. Marc Noir. Cool song with absolutely no words. The big change in this squat track is that we keep our legs in the mid-stance position the entire time. There are three sets, which are very similar. During this track, participants are introduced to the new combination that they will see over and over again, during each squat set, as well as during the chest and shoulders track. The breaks between sets in this track are super short, so I’ve seen a lot of participants miss the first top-halves of the start of each set. Overall, I think this is a good one. However, I tend to prefer wide squats, so I don’t enjoy that we don’t get into any of those in this track. Normal weight suggested.
  3. Chest: “The Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy. This track is challenging. It’s five-and-a-half minutes, which is definitely long. The entire track is performed with the bar. There are also some very fast top-halves, which is new. The song started to grow on me, and is more on the rock side. Normal weight suggested. 
  4. Back: “Letting Go” by BT, Fractal & JES. Holy hard track. This is the hardest back track I’ve ever experienced in my many years of teaching BODYPUMP. Right off the bat, we start this one out with three clean-and-presses in a row, followed by a deadlift. That combination repeats four times in each of three sets, which makes for a lot of clean-and-presses in one track. While the breaks between sets are long, the clean-and-press combinations come one-after-after during the sets. Although the choreography notes call for adding more weight between sets, I have not done that. I’ve used my normal weight and found this track incredibly challenging. I’m huffing and puffing during this one. And on the instructor video, this one is taught flawlessly by new-kid-on-the-block Emma. She’s amazing. Good stuff!
  5. Triceps: “Problem” vs. Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea. Once again, I find this triceps track to be one of the hardest in a long time. We start with the bar from the bottom of the press move, which is new, and we bring back the pullover, a great exercise for the triceps and lats. There are two times where we do 20 bottom-half pulses, which is just killer. I love this song, I like how the moves go with the music. And I like the burn that goes along with it. Also, I’m a big fan of ending triceps seated on the bench facing the class, it’s a great time to connect with the participants as an instructor. Normal weight suggested.
  6. Biceps: “Come With Me Now” by KONGOS. This isn’t the hardest biceps track ever, but it’s a good one. We use the barbell the whole time and repeat a triple-bottom-half pulse and hold pattern throughout. While there are five sets in this track, it’s still under five minutes. I think participants can definitely go up on barbell weight with this one, even though there are no breaks. This song is catchy.
  7. Lunges: “NRG” by Guiltless Happy. I think most people will either love or hate this lunge track. It’s not the hardest out there, and features nothing but front squats and lunges. I have liked the variety in the past with jumps, push presses and the other moves we have incorporated into the lunge track in the past year or so, so this one may be a little boring to some people. We use only one plate, which just isn’t quite enough weight. I like this song, because it’s very happy and different. However, this track is probably the weakest link to the whole release.
  8. Shoulders: “Ping Pong” by Armin Van Buuren. This one is good. We start with the bar doing upright rows, move to push-ups, bring back the combination from squats and chest, and do side raises and rotator raises using just the plates before ending each half with military presses and push presses. It’s pretty hard to do push-ups from the bottom-up, so I like the addition of that to this track. The song is a little strange, but fits so perfectly with the moves, so I like it. I’m a big fan of this track. It’s tough, but doable. And those military presses are always a good challenge. Normal weight suggested.
  9. Core: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX. Two Iggy Azalea songs in one release? It happens. This song is great. And this track is pretty good. I am in love with the optional crunch to keep your arms straight back and by your ears as you slide your ribs to your hips in the combination. It’s a tough one. However, I don’t think that members get as much as they should out of the leg extensions in this track, because it’s pretty difficult to get the form just right without lifting your lower back. I find that many people are so tired at this point they give up a little. This track is not the hardest, but it flows well and ends with some nice rotating hovers. No equipment needed.
  10. Cool-down: “Chandelier” by Sia. Good cool-down song. I really like this song as a way to close class. And this cool-down was very easy to memorize, because it has a long set repeated twice. I like when cool-downs are easy to learn, because for some reason it’s always the song I have the hardest time committing to memory. This one is short and to the point, however we don’t stretch the hamstrings, which is a major miss. I always feel like I need more stretching after class is done. Anyone else feel that way?

*There are also alternate core and back tracks, which I have not taught. I generally stick to the original line-up with every release.

Overall thoughts: There’s some great challenge and great music in BODYPUMP 92. It’s a hard workout, and it’s well done. The instructor video is excellent too. I’m a big fan of Emma, one of the fabulous presenters in this release.

For instructors

The biggest thing I would stress when teaching this release is to demonstrate the combination before squats and make sure people understand that they will be pushing from the bottom up. It’s imperative they get this combination to make it through the release. Other than that, move quickly because this release seems pretty long. And if you’re looking for a few tips on how to pack your classes, check out my post on “Top 10 ways to grow your group fitness classes.” 

For members

If you feel like this release is extra hard, you’re right. BODYPUMP is not an easy class, but you still need to make sure you continue to challenge yourself and add more weight to your bar. You could probably go up in biceps for this one, so that’s a good place to start. Enjoy it! By the way, are you getting the most out of the group fitness classes you attend? Check out my tips on “How to get better results from group fitness.”

All things Les Mills

If you enjoyed this review, please check out my previous Les Mills posts:

That’s it, guys! I hope you have a fabulous day!

Questions of the day

Have you ever tried BODYPUMP? Instructors or members, what are your thoughts on BODYPUMP 92? 

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  1. Hey Ashley! I have been eagerly waiting for this post for a while! So, I agree with you on the warm-up it’s a good tried and true. I actually LOVE the mid stance in the squat track. I find it’s an awesome opportunity to really coach basic squat stance. I always find members taking their wide stance WAY too wide so I enjoy the chance to add a little safety to the squat track. I’m not a huge fan of the back track as an instructor but love it as a participant. I find that trying to coach someone to do that many clean and presses, espcially if they are not practicing the best for is troublesome. It’s an awesome track that’s tough but maybe not for all participants. I’ve been teaching the alternative track too and it’s really straight forward and fun. I agree that Tri’s and Bi’s are good tracks. I find the lunge track to be a great challenge but a semi-boring one. I feel like it’s a lot of repetition, even for BP! I struggle with the cool down too! Sometimes it’s the most simple things that give us the hardest time. I had a lot of trouble with the running track in BODYATTACK 87 and it’s an easy”ish” one too! Great review friend!

    1. Hi Jenna! Glad you enjoyed. It’s fun to dissect the releases. And I like to get feedback from my members too. I’m going to review BODYATTACK 87 next week for sure. Hope you have a great day! Happy Pumping!

    1. Hi Chrissy! Maybe they’ll run a free week promo sometime soon and you can swoop in to take some BODYPUMP! hehehhe πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  2. Oh I’m hoping I can try it ! It was just released here in Canada but I’m on exercise rest for a month so I”m worried the instructors are going to get sick of it before I can get back to the gym! Thanks for the review, I love hearing it from the instructor’s perspective!!!

  3. I finally got to try out this new release (my gym launched it on Saturday). I really like the repeated combo (makes it easier to learn and follow). The chest track seemed to last forever (in a good way). Definitely got a lot out of it. The back track was super tough. My instructor had us start below normal, move to normal, then add a little extra for the third set. All the clean and presses definitely got my heart rate up and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Triceps- I love the progression of the moves, definitely a good work out. Biceps- not the most difficult song, but super catchy ( I wanted to dance). For the lunge track, our instructor said we could use a plate weight or the bar. I chose the bar and went with my normal weight. This was probably a mistake. My quads were absolute toast by the end. However, I can see how just using a plate would be a little boring. Shoulders- holy pushups. But honestly, because we did so many clean and presses with the back track, my shoulders were already tired a little. I liked how we mixed it up. If we had stuck with the plates very long, I could see a lot of people stopping early (I saw a lot of people resting during the pushups anyways). The chest track was meh for me. I agree with the desire to stretch more. I guess that’s what I have a foam roller for!

    1. Hi Amanda! Wow! Great review from a member’s perspective. So thanks for that. Your body is feeling much of what I’m feeling as an instructor. Except, I haven’t tried using the bar for lunges. Typically as instructor’s we follow the primary way to do a track and just let our members know about the option. Ohhh gosh, and yes we all need to foam roll after BODYPUMP. Thanks for saying hello! Hope you have a great day and happy pumping!

  4. Great minds! I posted my review today too πŸ™‚

    I really like this release for how strong it is fitness-wise. The members felt it right off the bat, and that is awesome to see! I love the combos in the squat,chest&shoulder tracks, but the triceps and chest track are my ultimate faves. The biceps/lungs/squat tracks are my least favorite songs, but even then, they’re still good. And I love the iggy tracks. hehe πŸ™‚

    And amen to wanting more stretch. I feel the same way about BA too.

    1. That’s so funny we did this on the same day. And I know the Les Mills folks keep the cool-down short so we can get more out of the rest of the hour, but I know as much as I tell people to stretch more they don’t. Sometimes I don’t too. Whoops! heheheh! Happy pumping!!

  5. GAH this sounds like so much fun. I’ve never tried body pump, or any classes like it really. The only classes I go to at my gym are spin and yoga. I need to branch out more.

    1. Hi Brittany! You definitely need to try a Les Mills class one day. The music goes so well with the moves, it’s unlike any other class, I promise! But hey, nice work for going to spin and yoga. πŸ™‚

  6. You and Annette must have been on the same wavelength today! πŸ˜‰ I love it because BodyPump reviews are some of my favorite posts to read.

    I’m with you on the back track – man, it’s TOUGH! I haven’t added weight to my barbell yet either…for one, because it’s already super challenging, and for two, I don’t have enough time to add weight (our equipment makes it more difficult, and I’m already tired!).

    Favorite tracks are chest, triceps, and biceps!

  7. Yaayyy, I’ve been looking forward to your review! : ) I’m a big, big fan of the lunge and squat tracks.. honestly, I love this whole release! I upped my squat and chest weight last night and felt super beast mode! ; ) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ashley!

  8. I LOVE BodyPump!! I bet you are an amazing instructor! Love all the music here too. I usually take this class once, sometimes twice a week. I do like this release especially now that I am learning how heavy (or not) that I can go with each set. Have a great week Ashley!

    1. Hi Diane, So glad you’re a BODYPUMP fan!! And because the sets are so long, you have to get your weight selection right to feel fatigue in the muscles. It takes some time to figure that out. Hopefully your instructors give you some tips. Happy pumping!! πŸ™‚

  9. I have done the new release twice now and I am really liking it so far. My legs were dying after the squat and the lunge tracks! I also liked the repetition and how it gets you to shift your focus on a certain movement.
    I am happy I found your blog, I look forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Cara! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m so glad you’re a BODYPUMP fan. I also like how we work from the bottom up in the repetition – any change like that is so good for the body. Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday! See you back here soon:)

  10. That back track took my totally by surprise!!! I like it but whoa, it’s tough. To add fuel to the fire, we just switched to the smartbars which weigh a little more than our old bars, so even using my normal weight plates I was actually going up in weight a bit. Definitely sore today!!

    Great review!

    1. Hi Maggie! Thanks for stopping by. Those Smartbars are killer! I’ve only taught using them once, but the gyms where I teach regularly don’t have them. And yes, they are heavier. So glad you’re a BODYPUMP. Hope you have a fabulous day. Enjoy the soreness, you earned it!

  11. I haven’t taken an actual BODYPUMP class, but I have taken something similar, though I am dying to try out an actual Les Mills class! I love that the classes are choreographed to music! I always listen to music when I workout and always try to pick songs that go with the workout type I am doing.

  12. We have Les Mills classes at my office and I used to make such a big effort to go 2x a week – it really whipped my ass in to shape after I had our baby! You reminded me to get my booty back there! 92 sounds like it has a good soundtrack!

  13. I used to take Body Pump 3+ days week for a 1 1/2 years. It is good if you don’t work with any weights at all. It is also go good if you don’t like to workout by yourself and/or don’t know how to program a workout routine.

    It is hard for instructors (who are not always trainers/ coaches) to correct your form. So people go through the class with incorrect form. I picked up a lot of “bad habits” in BP that took a lot of coaches to help me undue.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I think BODYPUMP is a great addition to a workout program, even if you regularly lift weights outside the group fitness room. BODYPUMP provides muscular endurance training with high reps, which is a good thing to do as well as shorter sets of higher weights in the weight room so you have variety each week. I would agree that some people develop bad habits in the class. As an instructor (who is also a certified personal trainer), I do my best to correct everything I can during and after class by pulling people aside or giving them visual cues and eye-contact, but there’s only so much you can do in a group setting with tons of people, loud music and limited time between class changes. Personal training is the ONLY way to make sure you have perfect form, and everybody needs a little bit of help, so props to you for working with coaches. But as far as BODYPUMP goes, it’s an incredible workout and it definitely changes peoples bodies for the better. But yes, it is for a big group, so not tailored to the individual and their needs. And we all need variety!! πŸ™‚

  14. It’s always fun to read these posts! I might be the minority with the lunge track but I really like it! I guess I get tired of holding the bar on my back sometimes so it’s nice to change it up.

    I’m not a fan of the squat track. The music does absolutely nothing to motivate me. And I agree the back track is brutal!

  15. Hi! I did this release for the first time tonight and I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. I went a little light on weight (biceps I could have done a little more, lunges always kill me) since I didn’t know what to expect but I know I’ll have major soreness. I weight train with heavy weights but endurance is a whole different thing and I think the last time I did BodyPump was once in May. I had fun, worked hard and think I’ll add it to my weekly workouts once a week. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the review!

      1. For me personally (my schedule vs the gym’s offerings and how my body responds to training) lifting heavy in the weight room is what works best, but I think I’ll try to do the Fri night BP class at my gym to switch things up. πŸ˜‰

        1. Hi Diane! For sure, you’ve got to do what works for you. But one BODYPUMP a week never hurt anybody? Right? hehehehe I’m always a proponent of a little Pump. Happy Monday to you!

    1. Hi Kimberly! That’s awesome that you’ve become acquainted with Les Mills programs. Now we just need to get you into the live group fitness setting to see what it’s like with a bunch of other sweaty people around you! I LOVE group fitness! Sure is a good addition to home workouts each week. πŸ™‚

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