Weekly workouts and a ProYo giveaway

Happy Monday, friends. Before I start talking about fitness, let’s talk about high-protein frozen yogurt and how you could win some.

A few weeks ago, I shared how much I enjoyed ProYo High-Protein Frozen Yogurt, which I tried thanks to the company sending me some samples. Because so many people asked about it, I’m back today with a giveaway. One lucky winner will get four boxes sent to them, including all four flavors.

Take it from me, this stuff is tasty, and it’s good for you. GMO free. 20 grams of protein. And oh so delicious. Not to mention, the people representing ProYo are friendly, so it makes me want to see this small Santa Barbara-based company take off. I like what they’re all about.

ProYoTubes - 300DPI for A Lady Goes West

ProYo isn’t available everywhere yet,  but if you want your grocery store to carry it, you can go to the ProYo website and print out a request to take in

ProYo is available in the Bay Area, and I’ve enjoyed it as a post workout treat, as well as a dessert. I have a few more in my freezer that I’ll be digging into soon.

The instructions for entering the giveaway are below. Now, as we do on Mondays, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled workout recap …

New Weekly Workouts

Weekly Workouts

  • Monday – Taught one-hour BODYATTACK class
  • Tuesday – Rest day
  • Wednesday – Brand new WORKOUT B, including a dynamic warm-up, mobility exercises, one-hour of total-body weight training, foam rolling
  • Thursday – Dynamic warm-up, 30-minute bodyweight training session; attended one-hour Cardio Sport Pilates Reformer class
  • Friday – Attended one-hour vinyasa yoga class; Taught one-hour BODYPUMP class, foam rolling
  • Saturday – Dynamic warm-up, taught one-hour BODYATTACK class, foam rolling
  • Sunday – Rest day with a little bit of foam rolling

What was good?

Do you see all that foam rolling and warming up? In order to have great form in all of my workouts, as well as the classes I teach, I’ve been spending extra time doing mobility exercises and rolling before I start to lift weights or do cardio. The dynamic warm-up that I go through each time takes about 15 minutes, and is designed to increase my shoulder mobility as well as get my whole body ready to work in all three planes of motion. Spending a lot of time warming up is smart and the best way to avoid injuries or poor form due to tightness. As a personal trainer, my eyes have been opened to the importance of a thorough warm-up and I’m seeing the benefits of it on myself and my clients.

This week was a good one for my workouts. My new workout plan, which I’ll be talking about more soon, is intense. I’ve never lifted heavy weights like this before, and although it’s hard, it’s feeling great. After my session on Wednesday, I spent the rest of the week incredibly sore in my legs and lat muscles. But I still got some variety in with rest, cardio, weights, yoga and even a Pilates Reformer class to work on my core and lengthen my muscles. I do love to try new things and am looking forward to doing more of that over the next three weeks while using my ClassPass.

What could have been better?

I definitely prefer to have six days of workouts, but I skipped Tuesday unintentionally. If you recall, I showed up late to the ClassPass launch party and missed Barry’s Bootcamp, which was going to be my workout of the day. Other than that, I did my best to fit in all I could for workouts. I should have had a second heavy weight-lifting session from my workout program to stay on track, however, time got away from me.

Every week my workout recap changes a little bit, and I’m definitely continuing to make progress. Five days instead of six is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, so I’ll call this another strong week.

Now, on to the frozen fun …

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Questions of the day

How did you get moving last week? What’s in store for your fitness this week?

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  1. Nice job on the workouts, girl! I have been wanting to try a body attack class. I am a big fan of the body pump and flow classes!
    Re: the giveaway- does it apply to your friends to the North (Canada)?

  2. I didn’t know they were a Santa Barbara company! I’ll have to try them next time I visit home if I don’t win (I soooooo want to win! :)).

      1. Probably sometime in the next couple of months… there’s a baby shower, but I don’t know the actual date yet.

  3. I would love to try ProYo! 🙂 I’m currently trying to shed some weight, and having a new protein-filled snack would be great. 🙂

  4. Wow I’m impressed by all that foam rolling! I did it once last week (i had to improvise and use a candle/vodkabottle/fire extinguisher) and it was killer. I felt a lot better afterwards though.
    ProYo looks great- if I see it in stores I’m definitely join to try it!

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