A look back at all the happenings of 2014

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of the year? 

I have a unique situation as a blogger, because I can look back on my year and link to stories and events. And it’s a good thing I can, because 2014 was definitely a different year for me with some huge changes in my life. I started out the year as an account director at a downtown San Francisco public relations agency teaching group fitness on the side. I ended the year as a full-time fitness professional and writer/blogger. Wow. There have been many questions along the way, but I know I’m on the right path now.

A Lady Goes West basically came to life this year. While technically I started this blog right before moving to San Francisco in the fall of 2012, at first, I wrote much less frequently and only shared the posts with my friends and family. This year, starting in March, I decided to put more time into this little hobby of mine, and I’ve seen nothing but good things come from that choice. And I’ve said it a few times already over the holiday season, but I’m truly grateful for your readership and friendship over the past few months. Now, let’s get to the point of this post …

My 2014 year in review

This year marked the second full calendar year in which Dave and I have lived on the West Coast. We’ve had quite a few adventures, some of which were blogged about, and some of which were not.

A Lady Goes West 2014 Year in ReviewShown above from top left to right: Dave and me after I put him through his first personal training session, Dave and me after a yoga session, Dave and me at Fat Tire’s annual festival in Golden Gate Park and me at a DMB concert at the Greek. Good times.

Here are the highlights of the year that I can link to, listed in chronological order:

In between all of these events, we hung out with friends, worked hard, visited tons of great restaurants and tried to take in as much as we could from living in the great city of San Francisco. 2015 is just a day away, and with the new year comes some major changes for us, and yes, my friends, you will definitely read all about it.

My challenge to you: Stop and think about your 2014

For all of you out there who don’t have a blog to look back on to recap your year, I challenge you to take a moment today or tomorrow to think about some of the good stuff that you’ve accomplished, or think of some of the fun that you’ve had. I truly enjoyed putting together this post, and it made me quite happy looking back at pictures and recalling funny moments. What’s the best way to do this? Think of every month by itself, starting with January and try to remember at least one good thing about each. I bet you can do it! Good luck!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, my friends. I’ll be checking in tomorrow with a usual post about food. I hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

Questions of the day

What’s one good memory that you have from 2014? Do you have any New Years Eve plans? (And if you’re a reader who has never commented before, I’d love to hear from you. Go for it!)

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  1. This was a great post as I’m a new reader 🙂 I somehow found your blog about a week ago and have been enjoying your posts so much. Your blog is so well-written, and I look forward to reading them each morning as I sip my coffee. I’ll definitely have to take some time to read these posts from 2014!

    1. Hi Amy! That is so sweet of you to say. Thank you for reading and for commenting today. I’m glad to know A Lady Goes West is part of your morning. Please let me know if you have any post requests. Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!! 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. Congrats on all the success of your blog so far…what an exciting year! We are heading over to a friends house for some NYE festivities….I’m hoping I can make it up to midnight!! One of my goals for 2015 is to pursue some more freelancing gigs, any tips on putting yourself out there? Cheers!

    1. Hi Marielle! Freelance gigs have come to me in different ways. But if you find a blog or brand site that you’d really like to write for — identify their PR rep on the contact page and reach out with some ideas. You will probably have to do some free stuff before you get paying gigs, just to build up a portfolio. Best of luck with it!

  3. You had a very exciting year! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for all of us, best wishes for the new year :). No big NYE plans for me, maybe a nice dinner and I might have some friends over for a relaxing night.

    1. Hi Jessie! That sounds like the perfect NYE. Sometimes staying at home or a friend’s house is much better than braving the busy bars and restaurants. I hope you have a good one! Happy Tuesday to you:)

  4. Looks like a busy and amazing 2014! How fun to move to SF. I love it there. Hooray for your first year of blogging. Time flies. Mine turns 6 in January.

    1. Hi Marcia! Wow! Six years is a long time, but when you love to blog, I guess you just keep it going. Thanks for stopping by, and here’s to an awesome 2015!

  5. Wow, you had an awesome year, Ashley! I agree that’s one of the many advantages of blogging is that it’s so easy to look back at memories and experiences from the year.

    I think it’s amazing that you are following your heart and doing what you love. I’m sure 2015 is going to be filled with even more exciting ventures for you and I’m excited to watch you grow! xx

  6. Well done on your blog work! I’m a regular reader and love seeing a new post being added! Looks like you had a wonderfully eventful year! My favorite memory is probably when I started my fitness journey! It’s amazing to look back and see the progress!

    My new year plans? Well, it is my birthday today (Woo!) and I received a FitBit! Travelling to England (I live in Scotland) for the New Year!

    1. Hi Nikki! Well a VERY happy birthday going out to you! How great that you have plans to travel for the New Year I hope all that goes well and is very fun for you. Thank you so much for being a great reader, and please let me know if you ever have any post requests or questions. Nice work on the fitness journey! What’s your workout of choice these days?

      1. Thank you so much! I have became quite the Les Mills fanatic. Body Attack is definitely my favorite! I also enjoy Combat and Step. I especially love your BA review posts! Gives me a heads up on whats in the new release as my local gym usually starts the new release a few weeks later! I’m so excited to be travelling for New Year – It’s been a while since I last went on an adventure! Happy New Year when it comes.

  7. It looks like you guys have had one heck of a year!! I love that these little blogs can also hold a space as an online scrapbook to look back on. Congrats on all of the major accomplishments and successes this year! Happy 2015! xo

  8. Ashley, you’ve had an impressive year! You have so much to be proud of yourself. I’m so jealous you’ve seen DMB so many times. It’s always been one of my bucket list things to do. And how did you quit your job and go to full time fitness instructing? It’s been something I’ve considered doing. I would love to hear more about that!

    1. Hi Megan! It’s a work in progress for sure, but I felt my passion in fitness growing, and something told me it was time to step away from the desk-job. I’d been a writer within the working world for so long that it made sense to stick with that and continue writing via the blog and some freelance — while training clients and teaching group fitness as well. I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you I’m infinitely more happy with this path! And it’s not easy! Sooo worth considering though:)

  9. This is all so crazy to me! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging seriously for a year! AND you just became a personal trainer this year! You had me fooled on how pro you are! Hooray for years in review! Hopefully we get to hang out more in person this year!

  10. One good memory from 2014 was celebrating two years with Brian and one year of living together. As for NYE plans, I’m headed to Brian’s cousin’s apartment tomorrow for a party. She is very creative and always goes all out for her annual celebration. I can’t wait!

    Loved reading this post!

  11. Wow, what a great year Ashley! 2014 rocked for you, so I bet you’re gonna smash 2015! 🙂 Big smiles! All the best for the new year, and congrats on your success as a fitness professional and a blogger! xo

  12. Wow! You had so many awesome accomplishments this year!!! I had a great 2014 and hoping 2015 is just as good. My NYE plans are to go to a Hollywood themed party at a restaurant but I have NO idea what to wear…that is my current predicament in life, hahaha!

    1. Hi Annmarie! Thank you! Ohhh yes. NYE outfits are hard, especially when there is a theme involved. Red lipstick and sequins scream Hollywood to me! Have fun! 🙂

  13. What a great year! It’s so fun to be able to look back and realize just how much you accomplished in a simple year’s time! I am so glad you started writing more this year and sharing! It’s been so fun to read your adventures! 🙂 Looking forward to all 2015 has in store!

  14. You’ve had a seriously busy year! How awesome to make the switch to something you are so passionate about!

    My New Years plans involve beer and a bonfire of Christmas trees that my boyfriend collected from around the neighborhood. We’re classy like that 😉

    1. Hi Becky! Okay, your plans for NYE sound really fun. I like bonfires and just don’t get to enjoy them very much in San Francisco. Have fun!! And here’s to a great 2015!

  15. You’ve had such an awesome year! :D! Congrats on all your success on your blog (I also thought you’d been blogging for wayyy longer)! I’m definitely looking forward to reading throughout the years to come! :] My NYE plans are extremely boring (hooray for more time to sleep and study!), but very much needed, so I’m gonna appreciate it! 😛 Best wishes for 2015!

    1. Hi Farrah! Thanks for the kinds words. And a low-key and boring NYE is sometimes just what you need, so I hope you enjoy it. Here’s to a great 2015 for us both:)

  16. Wow you had a busy 2014! 🙂 Congrats on all the great achievements. I don’t know how you write such a well put together blog and post so often, but I Love your blog and look forward to reading in 2015. Cheers!

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